About Me

If you wish to use this domain, please contact me NoSQL@OpenDomain.Org


Nice to meet you!  Sorry about the mess as I am cleaning up this site.

Meanwhile, here are some select parts from my Curriculum Vitae

My Resume:

I also have many excellent references, please view my LinkedIn profile

Article when I trained people in .NET when it was in beta:


My work with JSON

Implementing each phase of the Software Development Lifecycle and Test Driven Development

White paper about Mongo in the Software Developer’s Journal: (very Large PDF)

Founder of  NoSQL.Com pitch deck (Big Data)

Top hit in Google “Do you know XML?” when I was a featured blogger on XML.Com

Press release from when I was the founder of Free.TV and we created the world’s first DVR



To help celebrate the 50th year anniversary at Comcast and to help support our United Way Campaign, as a side project during my own time I created the “Comcast Charity Coin”


This eventually became a new non profit CharityCoin – crowdfunding for charities


Founder of OpenDomain – “open source for domains” – we give domains to open source groups and non-profits.


Leader of innovation with several patents pending