About Me

If you wish to use this domain, please contact me NoSQL@OpenDomain.Org


Nice to meet you!  Sorry about the mess as I am cleaning up this site.

Meanwhile, here are some select parts from my Curriculum Vitae

Extensive technology management experience, including  CEO and CTO of several startups.  Project managment training in Agile/Scrum, Lean, Six Sigma, and Kanban.

I have many excellent references, please view my LinkedIn profile

Founder of NoSQL.Com (BigData) with expertise in most modern datastores, including extensive knowledge of SQL databases.

White paper about Mongo in the Software Developer’s Journal: (very Large PDF)

Engineered large scale systems in the cloud and designed peer to peer and offline remote update systems.

Hardware and networking experience including arduino and Zigbee. Founder of Free.TV and inventor of the world’s first digital VCR (DVR) and currently working on several patents on IoT, payments,  BitCoin block chain crypto currency and secure storage.

Programming experience including VB and C# .NET, Java, JavaScript/NodeJS, Python, RoR, and XML.  Used several frameworks and design patterns such as MVC, DDD, SOA, CQRS, MVP, MVVM, and microservices.


My work with JSON

Implementing each phase of the Software Development Lifecycle and Test Driven Development

Top hit in Google “Do you know XML?” when I was a featured blogger on XML.Com

To help celebrate the 50th year anniversary at Comcast and to help support our United Way Campaign, as a side project during my own time I created the “Comcast Charity Coin”

This eventually became a new non profit CharityCoin – crowdfunding for charities

Founder of OpenDomain – “open source for domains” – we give domains to open source groups and non-profits.

Please contact me for my resume